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What are the assumptions we live with daily? What do we need to ignore? What do we need to pay attention to as time ticks on? What are you going to make of your situation now, and later?


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The Importance of Self-Motivation: Jena Cheng  

A talented, high school student, video producer, writer and director – Rostyslav Soroka – interviews young Canadian tennis phenom, Jena Cheng, about what it takes at a personal level to prepare and play at such a high level of competition.

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By Jill B. – High School
Student Contributor.

young angry student man roughing a sheet at classroom

Teachers told me. My parents told me. I heard it on the news, on the radio, and saw it in magazines. Manage your stress. Don’t let bad marks get to you. Take deep breaths. Of course being only 16, I never thought that stress would really affect my health. Until, on January 6, I had to take a trip to the ER… read more


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FreeRoot taps into the examples and lessons from the best and worst that humanity and life systems have demonstrated in the past, and exhibit in the present. RootU is creating and discovering existing videos, guides, maps, suggested processes – all to help you access and understand the wisdom (and lack of wisdom) to be found in the world.

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Root Source Challenges empower you to strive towards a goal, learning how to deal with barriers on your own, and seize on opportunities to test their capacity and powers. Everyone learns that you can produce exceptional products when given a blank canvas and a clear goal. Businesses realize youth can approachor even exceed industry grade work. 

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These exams are actually closer to what you’ll see on the diploma ‘game day’. They look and feel more like the diploma. Every question is tied to the curriculum so you can focus more intently on what you need to study.